Disneyland Club 33 Membership Information.

In May of 2012 the Disney Company* announced, through its blog, the availability of new memberships.  This was a change in direction.  In the past the club membership wasn't announced.

Note: Club 33 will be closing!  There is a plan for a major "rehab" happening to the club.  No official details have been released.  But, the members will be given at least a 90 day notice.  See our Club 33 shutdown page

Membership to Club 33 is a privilege with many nice benefits.  Really, the only criteria to become a member is to express an interest, wait, then pay.  There are no other requirements.  Membership is subject change, modification or elimination at any time - without prior notice!

At this time the membership waiting list is now closed.
(as of Aug 2013)

The current levels are:

  • Corporate - price unknown but, higher than Platinum.
  • Platinum: about $35,000.00 Initiation and $11,000.00 - $12,000.00 annual fee.

Membership Benefits:

Gold (no longer offered):

  • One  Blue Club 33 card for the charter member
  • One Blue Club 33 VIP member card for the person of the Charter members choice (can change annually at the renewal period).
  • Entry into Disneyland Resort for each Blue Club 33 card.
  • Each Blue Club 33 card acts as a DLR premium annual pass (discounts, free parking, events etc).


  • One Black Club 33 Card for the Charter member.
  • Three Black Club 33 cards for three VIP members for the persons of the Charter members choice (can change as above). 
  • Each Black Club 33 cards act as a premiere annul pass and allow entry to ANY Disney US theme park.
  • A few hours of VIP tours (five?).
  • Access to Club 33 (Disneyland Park).
  • Access to Club 1901 (California Adventure Park).
  • Access to very limited availability special events.

All Members Benefits:

  • Ability to book a meal at club 33.
  • Ability to sponsor guests (without being present) for a meal.
  • Access to Club 33.
  • Access to general Club 33 events.
  • Fifty passes for guests of the member dining at Club 33.
  • Twenty percent discount on same / one day park passes for their guest(s).
  • When a available, access to the "Magic Morning Hour" with a guest.
  • At all times free general parking (when available).
  • When dining at Club 33, valet parking at the Grand Californian Hotel.
  • Ability to ride the Lily Belle train car from Mainstreet Station (when available) unescorted. The member and guests must complete the entire circuit.
  • Ability to ride the Lily Belle train car from Mainstreet Station (when available) - unescorted - to just the New Orleans station for a dining reservation.
  • Ability to request to ride in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain Steamboat.
    • Notes on deleted benefits:
      No longer does a member have unlimited passes to give guests as they dine at Club 33.  They have a limit of 50 now.
    • No longer can a Club 33 member bring a guest with them into the park on their membership card.

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    Old Club Membership Brochure Information

    This is information and membership descriptions provided to potential members several years ago.  (the prices and benefits have significantly changed).

    Corporate Membership

    This membership is designed for organizations to make Club 33 available to a number of their executives, and has a membership fee of $20,000. This entitles the corporate member to designate up to nine associate members. Dues for associate members are $2,250 per year. All memberships are transferable to other executives in the corporation.

    Members no longer in the employment of the corporate member's company must surrender the membership cards to Club 33. The corporate member may then designate another member of his company.

    Limited Corporate Membership

    This membership is designed for organizations wishing to make Club 33 available to one of their executives, and has a membership fee of $10,000. This entitles the corporation to transfer the membership to another employee whenever necessary. For individual members, credit is extended based upon the membership fee initially paid if a transfer of membership is desired. Dues are $2,250 per year.

    Individual Membership

    This particular membership is for individuals and is available at $7,500 membership fee and $2,250 annual dues. These memberships are nontransferable.


    All members must have a valid membership card to gain entrance to Club 33. Additional utilization of the card is to spouse only, with reservations accepted only from the cardholder, the spouse or the cardholder's assistant. Use of the membership card is subject to the terms covering membership agreed to by the member in the membership application. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any membership to assure that our high standards are maintained.

    The membership card entitles the member and a party of nine to free parking and admission through the Main Entrance of DISNEYLAND® (except when special tickets are the only admission to a special event or private party). This privilege is applicable when the member plans to dine at Club 33. If the card is used for admission but the member decides not to dine at the club, the member will be billed for the regular price of admission. If the member is unable to accompany the guests to Club 33, the Club will arrange admission for them at no charge. Members may purchase DISNEYLAND® passports through Club 33 for pick-up at the Guest Relations Booth.

    To remain a member in good standing, dues must be paid annually within thirty (30) days following receipt of invoice.

    Usage of Club 33 is by reservation only. It is advisable to call for reservations well in advance.

    Private parties utilizing the entire Club facilities are available upon member's request with the required minimum number of guests.

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    Once we can get more information on the current membership details we will provide it to you.
    See our Club 33 Controversy page for more information.

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