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NEWS FLASH: Confirmed - Club 33 will close January 6th 2014 for a refurbishment that will last until summer 2014!  - details to follow soon !

Club 33 at Disneyland is only open to members and their guests.

The club opened in New Orleans Square in 1967 and is the only place in Disneyland (outside of special, private park events) that serves alcohol.  Walt Disney originally envisioned a private area where he could entertain VIP and special guests much like the VIP area's he discovered at the various World Fairs he developed attractions. Although Walt Disney was involved with the development of the club, he died months before it opened.

The club now offers access to the public through various limited corporate and personal memberships.

Club 33 Street Sign
(Courtesy DCS)


Enjoy the classy elegance of Club 33

We would like to present to you some of the data we have discovered about Club 33 and share with you the information, photographs and history that past guests have provided to us.

Club 33 Entrance
(Courtesy DCS)

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